la storia dei cioccolatini Bocca che Strega

The story

How they were born…the chocolates…!!

The adventure of my chocolate dreams begins, with chocolate still on my lips I plant a kiss on my husband’s cheek …a mark…a kiss…lips… I look at him and I already know the name for the chocolate I just prepared.I think of it as a magic potion, something that casts a spell on you. I think about what shape that kiss could have…lips…It seems impossible but in just a few seconds my mind processes all that actually took place afterwards. Everything is clear, everything as it should be. What was once only in my imagination, is now taking shape in my thoughts. I ponder. It’s easy to imagine something, but to actually do it is something else. But “La bocca che strega”, the “mouth that casts a spell on you”, the chocolates,that’s how they were born; through my sweet-tooth idea and the desire to let others taste them. Sharing is a pleasure. The trademark, the logo, the copyrights, the design, the shape, the model. Here’s my chocolates. Hard work, commitment and mishaps. Chocolates, homemade, with small imperfections but delicious. Time goes by and the commitment is not a hobby anymore. I’m thinking,why not sell them? The product’s there. It’s an ingenious idea. They’re beautiful and they taste great, don’t they? Why not believing in this?

lasciati stregare, by Etta

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