Let the pleasure to surprise…cast a spell on you

Outstanding mouth-shaped chocolates, with dark, milk or white/lipstick red chocolate, each with a different filling “casting a spell” on your palate.
They’re homemade, traditional in all their Italian quality, ingenious for their shape and name.
The dark one is bold, the milky one is delicate and the red one is pure passion. Let them cast a spell on you.
The small box is for chocolate lovers, for a coffee with friends, as a sweet gift, or to say “Welcome”. To show taste and quality on every occasion.
The big box , an elegant gift package for a distinguished choice. A lovely present for a friend, a surprise for mum, an important wish, a party.
Get seduced by their delicious taste let these chocolates cast a spell on you.

The Boxes

Choose the box that you like.

A friend’s house, a quality gift. To say I love you. We love you. Best of luck. Welcome.
Each pack contains an original cardboard “To tell you …”, to be used as a ticket for a “sweet” dedication. You can also buy bulk chocolates and assorted flavors to create your personal package.


Box of 12 chocolates

For each hour of the day, a caress the palate different for every moment.An important gift.


Box of 3 chocolates

For a delicious homage to moments of passion together.
For every occasion.


Box of 1 chocolates

A cadeau for a kiss in the intensity of the moment.
For a kiss.


chocolate placeholder

A sweet thought to say ‘smile’.
For an ‘I love you’.
For a little while.

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