Spellbound…by chocolates

I have a sweet-tooth, all my life I’ve been on a diet, no sweets for long periods of time, small sacrifices for a month, twice a year. For your health you can cut on the quantity but for your good mood you must go for the quality.
Here I am, thinking: one day, I’ll eat chocolate to satisfy my appetite, to indulge, to spoil myself.
It won’t hurt if my body and my mind both crave it,
it’s for my morale. I’m convinced. Three. Three’s perfect, because that’s just how much I need to treat myself. One for my mind, one for my heart and one for my spirit.
Three chocolates: three kinds, three flavours, three fillings. Anyone who’s got a sweet-tooth like me can understand. Milk, dark, white. Hazelnuts’ cream and liqueur scented cream. Better: liqueurs’ scented. Several trial tastings. But white chocolate is not seductive enough. I wish the mouth could be red, just like it had lipstick on. A red mouth. A dark one. A milky one. They’re beautiful!!! They’re delicious!!! Tradition and authenticity.
lasciati stregare, by Etta

Tastes that bewitch

Be passionate about the tastes of our chocolates

The chocolates are handmade Mouth witch and no preservatives or artificial additives.
You can ask without filling chocolates and sugar free chocolates.


White chocolate
filled with Strega liqueur

Into Red like the lipstick, to make your mark.

To seduce.


Milk chocolate
filled with gianduja

Made of milk chocolate filled with hazelnut cream.

For every occasion.


Dark Chocolate
with stuffed grand marnier

Dark Chocolate 62% covers a cream grand marnier.

For a greedy break


Dark Chocolate
stuffed with pistachio

Around dark and slightly salted pistachio cream.

To surprise.

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